Equmenia Anderstorp


It’s fun that you are interested in Equmenia Anderstorp’s business!

We hope that this page will give you information and inspiration to visit one of our youth groups.

We have activities for all ages! If there is interest and wishes about other activities, please contact someone here in the church so we can see if it is possible to start more groups!

Our motto has always been “Jesus Christ is Lord” and that is the message we want to convey, but of course you can be part of equmenia even if you yourself do not have a Christian faith, or perhaps do not think about faith issues at all.

You will find more information under the different groups!

There you will also find more information for both you and your parents
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Equmenia Anderstorp has its own board.


The board consists of:

Maria Stenberg Chairman.

Ing-Marie Wernvik

Hampus Carlsson

Viktor Hultberg