Alpha – Basic course in Christian faith


Alpha is a series of courses that explore the Christian faith. Each opportunity is focused on different aspects and issues related to faith and is created to spark conversations. Alpha is available all over the world and everyone is welcome. A course opportunity contains: Food, lectures and a good conversation. 

Food has an ability to bring people together. It’s the same on Alpha. Most Alpha events start with food, as it is a great way to create community and get to know each other. 

The lectures are structured so that they engage and inspire conversation. They are usually about thirty minutes and performed by a speaker. They explore the great questions of faith and provide knowledge about the foundations of the Christian faith by raising questions such as “Who is Jesus?”, “How should I be able to believe?”, “How and why should I pray?” and “How does God lead us?”.

The most important part of any Alpha course is probably the opportunity to share thoughts and reflections on today’s topic, and to be able to easily talk about it in a small group. There is no requirement to say anything and there is nothing you are not allowed to say (really, all questions and thoughts are allowed). It is an opportunity to listen to others and contribute your own perspectives in an honest, open and friendly environment.

If you are interested in taking an Alpha course, please contact us pastor Erik Lund, 073-0617038 eller















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